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Sims 4 Greek God Challenge Scenarios: Apollo/Sun

by Jessica P
Sims 4 Greek God Challenge Scenarios: Apollo/Sun

Sims 4 Greek God Challenge Scenarios: Apollo/Sun

As soon as I heard about scenarios coming into the game and the potential for their customization, the immediate first thing I thought was "this’ll make tracking goals for complex legacy challenges a lot easier once people can crack it". With this in mind, here’s a scenario that covers the first generation of the Greek God Challenge by, I think, maxismatchccworld, specifically the Apollo generation – since the goals for this legacy are, for the most part, quite tangible, it’s a good place to start until I work out how to ‘goal-ize’ less obvious things like the befriending of wild birds and bunnies.

Due to the nature of scenarios and how they’re coded, some goals had to be tweaked slightly from the original posting. "Complete aspiration and career" and "master 1 instrument of your choice" are unaltered and achievable. "Help children with homework every weeknight" is not something that’s trackable more than once, unfortunately, so merely helping them with it once will tick off that criteria. "Many lovers" is clarified to three lovers, and "remain fit" is simply gained by maximizing fitness. But heck, I managed to make it so it has to be a specific aspiration and a specific career that’s cleared, so there’s progress there!

This post will be updated as I add scenarios for future generations and as older ones are refined. One of my long-term goals with this is to make it so the Sim you make/choose to play it has specific trait and aspiration requirements; for the moment, they’re recommended but not necessarily enforced in CAS. Best of luck to all who play this thing!

Update 14/11/2021: This scenario now has failure states – one for Apollo getting married, another for them hitting minimum fitness. As of current, Artemis is still being worked on; most of the difficulty is in getting the game to recognize a maxed Fishing skill instead of all skills under a certain tag.

Archive: Dale_ApolloScenario.rar
File: Dale_ApolloScenario.package

Traits: (1)

Role Model

Gives bonus Character Value scoring when near Toddlers, Children, or Teens.
Ages: Teen
Young Adult
Type: Gameplay

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Credit : DaleRune