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Sims 4 French Country Kitchen

by Jessica P
Sims 4 French Country Kitchen

French Country Kitchen

Hello, everyone! French Country Kitchen set is here. I had been working on this set for 26 days. Sorry to keep you guys waiting. I really enjoy making it, so I hope you enjoy playing with it too.

You can find items in this set by searching ‘CWB‘ or ‘May21‘ in game.

**To get this set, you have to support my Patreon and read description of every tier before joining**

With your support, I can do better

If you are a new patron, you can request download link in private message. I will send it as fast as possible.

If you are old patron, I am sending download link to your email which you register to Patreon. If you don’t get it within 24 hours, please message me privately.

All items have been tested and they are working properly with the most recent update. If some items do not work as intended, please check if you have an outdated mod or script mod that may conflict with the most recent patch.