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Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod

by Jessica
Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod

Extreme Violence Mod

  •  Psychopathic Tendencies Aspiration:
  • My very first aspiration that I ever add to any of my mods!
  • An Aspiration for true psychopathic sims filled with progressive milestones to turn your sim into the most infamous feared killer!
  • The aspiration has a startup reward trait (Master/Mistress Of Disguise)
  • Your sim receives a reward trait (Horrifying Intimidation) by completing the aspiration
  • Each reward trait comes with a unique interaction to enable/disable the effect of the trait
  • Each goal found inside the aspiration has a full description on how  to complete it when hovering the mouse over the goal

    Other Changes/Features:
  • Sims will now get a “Prison Break” moodlet when escaping out of jail & a notification mentioning it.
  • Sims will now get a moodlet “Above Authority” when murdering a police officer.
  • Cops will no longer fall in a helicopter crash after arresting a sim & will return normally instead.
  •  Added 2 new murders:
  • -Choke On Grilled Cheese
  • -Stab Neck
  • Added a new non deadly interaction:
  • Punch Guts
  • If you punch a pregnant sim in the guts they’ll have a miscarriage