Lot description:

– 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom

– Pack needed: Outdoor Retreat, Get Famous, City Living, Get Together, Dine Out, StrangerVille, Holiday

!!use bb.moveobjects on before placing!!

*The house is tested and fully playable* (move/delete the stool next to the master bed in order to use both sides of the bed)

You need to download these CC separately

Estrella recolor set by me (recolor files included, but you need to download the mesh) 

Free CC, fews other paid CCs are used, you can get them here

List of Felixandre CC not included 

– I used many of her stuff, mainly Christmas CCs. Get them here! They are beyond beautiful!!

List of Hel-studio CC not included 

@novvvas1, 2, 3, 4, 5

@aggressivekitty – Silver Dining

The studded lamp and end table in bedroom are soon to be released by @simvaultthings
  Replace them with other stuff you have for now. Sorry…..

Credit : Cowbuild