Sims 4 E-GIRL XXL Makeup Collection

Makeup Collection

  • Credit : Pralinesims
  • Makeup Collection

2021 UPDATE: Most of these items work with the added color, hue & brightness sliders now (except the ones in skin detail or tattoo category, the game itself sadly has no sliders for items in those categories). Redownload if you are interested in those, if you’re only interested in the transparency slider there’s no need to redownload, as that one also worked prior the update.

Hello everyoneee~ ♥ Today I finished a set that I’ve spent countless hours on, originally I started this as a rough WIP in November, but I finally wanted to finish it, so I’ve been working the whole last week day and night on it, to the point that I was totally exhausted, but IMO it was so worth it since I am so proud of this set!! It contains sooo many items in maaany variations, it’s extremely versatile and good to combine, and makes sims look cute in a few seconds!

All of them are HQ compatible (pics also taken with it), can be either found under makeup, skindetails or tattoos. A lot of them have tons of variations included, with different motives, placements, colors, etc… It’s really so huge, I can’t fit enough photos of the creations, you can create a massive amount of looks with it. Most items are teen-elder, work for female (+male) sims, also the highlighter and face confetti have a specular, so they reflect and glitter ingame while moving very prettily ♡

Please enjoy!!(*^-^*) 

Custom Content brings additional lingerie , bra, panties and other downloads to the game. Custom Content are popular among Sims 4 players. There is far more free content available to download than is included in the base game and all game packs combined. Custom Content ( CC ) is thong, underwear, clothing and accessory that can be downloaded and added to your game. You can find everything from shoes, to clothing, earrings, and amazing make up. Since CC creators don’t have to think about system requirements, they can make truly amazing additions to the game that greatly enhance the graphics and increase the number of options available to the player.