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Sims 4 Dust Buster Mod Control the Dust v5

by Jessica P
Sims 4 Dust Buster Mod Control the Dust v5

Dust Buster Mod

 This mod requires the Bust the Dust Kit. Tested up to 1.77.131
This mod adds new interactions to let you control the dust level on any floor of your home. If you’re visiting a messy friend you can even clean up their lot in a snap! Interactions are immediate and will not require your sim to be on the targeted floor.

 Update Notes

v5 (2021-07-22)

  • Updated to support patch 1.77.131

v4 (2021-07-01)

  • Fixed interactions to only appear when clicking on the floor inside a building.
  • Added Italian translations thanks to Rahl81

v3 (2021-06-19)

  • Zipped with different method to prevent macOS hidden files that were causing issues for Windows players
  • Added Chinese translations thanks to GreenOnionC

Place both the .package file and the .ts4script within your mods folder. Both are required to inject the interactions to the terrain object.

 Known Issues

  • The dust level of the floor your active sim is on will still be affected even if you change the level on a different floor. For example, if your sim is in the basement and you change the level on the ground floor, the same will be applied to the basement.

 Mod Conflicts
This mod does not override any existing resources therefore any mods that alter the way the dust system works, for example the speed at which dust accumulates, will NOT conflict with this mod.

Dust Buster Mod