Sims 4 Decor with a Purpose: Functional Tissue Box

Sims 4 Decor with a Purpose: Functional Tissue Box

When your sims have a cold or allergies, even if they don’t want to or can’t spend §50 on medicine they can now blow their nose to get a 1 hour "Temporary Relief" buff in an attempt to offset the symptoms they’re experiencing. This will not make them stop being sick, but it will make them feel better for a little while.

This is an override of a Basegame item, but it require either Get to Work or a supported sickness mod to function. The tuning is custom and based off the medicine bottle. It shouldn’t conflict with anything unless you have something else that happens to modify this object specifically. In any case, please let me know if you have any problems with them.

Update 11/5:

  • Added support for IlkaVelle’s Allergic to Fur Traits
  • Added French translation from cilsophie
  • The addon isn’t actually changed so you don’t need to redownload it. I just wanted to keep the version numbers the same.

  • This is set to detect sickness and/or buffs from Get to Work, SimRealist’s Private Practice, Adeepindigo’s Healthcare Redux, KawaiiStacie’s Slice of Life, NateTheL0ser’s Misery Traits, Maïa Game’s Medications, and IlkaVelle’s Allergic to Fur. If you don’t have GTW but have one of those mods this should work for you.
  • Nies’s Cooler Sicknesses appears to use the default GTW buffs so that should also work
  • I make no promises about other sickness mods since if they don’t use GTW buffs this won’t do anything. If there’s another sickness or allergy mod you’d like to see this work with just send me a request and I’ll see what I can do.
  • The base version of the mods is Basegame compatible but won’t do anything without GTW or a compatible sickness/allergy mod. The GTW addon replaces the grab animation with the cough and sneeze animation. You don’t need it but if you have GTW you have the option to install it.

Bonus Item: My Functional Shower Supplies mod contains a bathroom cabinets addon that includes a cabinet with tissue box functionality if you have this mod.

It’s worth noting that the new strings are in English and French (courtesy of cilsophie) only at the moment. I don’t speak any languages other than English nearly well enough to translate them so I welcome any translations that anyone can offer and will credit all translators.

If you’re an object creator and want to use my tuning you totally can. Just link people to my stuff to download it and send me a link to your work if you want me to share it.

Future plans:
  • Adding support for additional sickness/allergy mods as I learn about them. Please let me know if you know of one.
  • I’d love to figure out how to make this work from a sim’s inventory

Huge thank you to michela1390 for doing so much to help me test this while it was in beta and to cilsophie for the French translation!

Known issues
  • I don’t love the GTW animation but I haven’t found a better one. I’m open to suggestions (BG and GTW only)

File: Ilex_ALL_TissuesFunctional.package

Price: 25


* The following information shares where to find it in buy-mode, any buffs/moodlets they get from it and what it can be used for!

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Blow Nose
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File: !Ilex_GTW_TissuesFunctional_ADDON.package

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  • Custom Content This is the addition of player-made clothing or objects to the game. Sometimes just referred to in The Sims community as “CC”.
  • Game Mods: These are Mods that add features or change functionality of the game. These Mods may include script code, but not always.
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  • Enable Mods via the options panel : The setting can be found in “Options > Other > Enable Custom Content and Mods.” and Restart the game

Credit : Ilex