Sims 4 Cheat Teen HighSchool Performance and Homework fully done for the day

Cheat Teen HighSchool Performance

Cheat Teen HighSchool Performance

I was always running out of time with my teens not being able to complete their homework at a reasonable hour and still satisfy their needs, so I ended up creating this cheat.

What it does: It makes all school requirements for the day complete and pushes the performance to the max level.
Once applied, you will receive a notification as shown in the picture/tutorial bellow.

Usage: Enable testingcheats if you haven’t already (Ctrl+Shift+C) then type testingcheats true , Hit return and press esc to close the console.

Now, with the desired Teen active, press and hold Shift and click your sim. The pie menu will show a new menu called Cheat Sim Info, click on it. A new menu will show Max School Performance, click it and your Teen will have his homework and extra credit complete as well as the performance meter at max scale.

This Mod will not conflict with any other mod or game version.
There is no chance for conflict or override because it doesn’t use any of the game resources.
It is a new feature.

 For those who couldn’t make it work, download the latest file, you won’t have the Cheat Sim Info menu, instead this cheat will be right next to Reset sim

June 13 2017 – Strings for languages other than English added, PortugueseBR translation added

Credit : by azoresman