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Sims 4 Bathing pet in the sink

by Jessica P
Sims 4 Bathing pet in the sink

Sims 4 Bathing pet in the sink

This is a pet version of the ‘Clean up toddler in the sink’ interaction.
You can bathe puppies, small dogs, and cats in the sink instead of the bathtub.
New interaction designed for people who prefer a shower and tiny homes.

Note: This interaction uses human animation, which means the pets may look strange when you bathe them.

EP04 Cats & Dogs

This mod is built with game version 1.81.72.

This mod requires the script file of Xml Injector (by Scumbumbo, Triplis), which you can find here.

This mod don’t alter any in-game files and uses new resources, it should be compatible with other mods.

Additional Credits:
Xml Injector (by Scumbumbo, Triplis)

Archive: Szemoka_BathingPetInTheSink.rar
File: Szemoka_BathingPetInTheSink.package

Interactions: (2)

Give Bath
Give {2.SimFirstName} a Bath

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Credit : Szemoka