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Sims 4 Advanced Fishing

by Jessica P
Sims 4 Advanced Fishing

Advanced Fishing

This mod allows your sims to sell fish to the marketplace, trade fish to the marketplace, and turn your fish into delicious meals for your sim and their family. With this mod you have the option to survive completely off of fish!

Selling Fish to the Marketplace

When you sell fish there will be a chance that you will make more or less than the original price of the fish. The chances are higher if your fishing skill is high. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk!

Minimum $5 Maximum $400

(Because the most expensive fish is almost $400)

Trading Fish to the Marketplace

When you trade fish you will always get another random fish in return. It might be something worse than what you traded or something better. It will always be completely random.

Turning Fish into Food

When you decided to do this you will have many options to choose from depending on your cooking skill level. Each fish will give you a small serving of food. This happens right in your inventory, unfortunately, sims won’t actually cook it.