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Simple Loans Mod

by Jessica P
Simple Loans Mod

Discover University Required! A simple tuning mod that will REPLACE the “Invest in Stocks” interaction on the computer. The “Invest in Stocks” interaction is usually locked behind the Investor branch of the Business career, so if you like that interaction or use it often, do NOT use this mod. Found under the “Web” pie menu on a computer, this mod will allow your Sim to take out a loan in sums of either $10000, $25000, or $50000 Simoleons. This interaction can be used as many times as you like, so if you need more Simoleons, you can take out multiple loans. However, a 15% interest fee is applied to each loan, meaning if your Sim borrows $10000 Simoleons, they will be responsible for paying back $11500. The loans are integrated into the Discover University’s student loan system, with each loan taken out added to the student loan pool. This means that if your Sim already has student loans, taking out new loans with this mod will ADD to their already existing tuition loans. You can use the existing repayment system to pay back the loans… or not, but the consequences are the same (Repo man).

Custom Content is CC that can be downloaded and added to your game

Credit : spoiledmilkhotel