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Rebalanced Townie Generation

by Jessica P
Rebalanced Townie Generation

This mod addresses an issue experienced by players with Snowy Escape, City Living and/or Island Living where all worlds would gradually get overpopulated with sims having Japanese, Moroccan, Islander and Indian names. The explanation of the problem is complex but the solution was simple. With the above packs installed the game has a setting to generate a minimum of 40 Japanese townies, 14 Islander townies, 10 Indian townies and 10 Moroccan townies. I turn that setting down. A version with the setting turned of is being tested. The mod is not touching the names lists so you can use mods that add/change names lists. I also have a mod that expands the location-related names for more variety. Installing will not affect any of the existing sims or townies, it affects the spawning of new townies. The mod doesn’t forbid townies from spawning when you visit their assigned locations. Indian townies will still spawn in the Spice Market, Moroccan townies will still spawn in the Arts Quarter, Japanese townies will still spawn in the Fashion District and Mt. Komorebi, Islander townies will still spawn in Sulani.

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Credit : Enkidu