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Master bedroom pack

by Jessica P
Master bedroom pack

Update 07.30.22 : Now bed is working correctly. Special thanks to Luddle for the help in creating the pictures and JPluiy for the trailer! items: -Main Bed -Aquarium Fiard -Armchair With Pillow -Bedside Lamp Greatness -Bedside Table All In Places! -Ceiling Lamp Greatness -Curtains Stealth (Long, Left) -Curtains Stealth (Long, Right) -Curtains Stealth (Short, left) -Curtains Stealth (Short, right) -Dresser All In Places! -Fireplace Accessories -Fireplace Modernity -Floor lamp Greatness -Jewelry Box Everything Is At Hand! -Knitted Pouf -Mirror On The Wall -Monstera In A Pot -Ottoman And Blanket -Painting “Silhouette” -Paintings Sound Of Nature -Paper Composition -Shelf With Paintings -Stand For Logs -Vase With Pampas -Wardrobe All In Places!

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