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How to have a miscarriage in sims 4 pc abortion mod

by Jessica P

how to have a miscarriage in sims 4 pc Abortion Mod. What I always struggle with is there’s the entire human experience and there’s a game with black and white yes-and-no code,” says the Sims 4 modder Lumpinou, much of whose work springs from a desire to add nuance to the Sims’ simple life. A Sims player since childhood, she began modding the game in 2020 when she realized her Sim couldn’t tell their partner about their job promotion. So she scripted a way for them to do that. Disappointed with The Sims’ nearly uniform glee upon discovering they were pregnant, she made a mod that allowed them more complex reactions. And in 2021 she released an abortion mod programmed to trigger similarly mixed emotions. Sims who terminate a pregnancy through her mod can feel guilt, relief, loss, confidence, stress or other reactions. “We’re trying to put a little bit of reality in it,” she says. Reactions to the abortion mods from players have been largely positive, the modders say.

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