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Functional Champagne Bottles

by Jessica P
Functional Champagne Bottles

+ Three types – dry, classic and rose + Each drink has its own buff and mood + Glasses of champagne have a live bubble animation + You can buy a whole bottle and take up to 8 glasses from it, or invite other Sims to take glasses and drink together (the “Make a toast” action is available in the menu of communication between sims in a Friendly branch while drinking) While drinking, the sim will have a little motive fun and the existing buffs of stress, sadness, anger, fear, boredom and discomfort will disintegrate faster + Compatible with the Basemental mod + Drinks and bottles do not spoil + Each type of champagne has 1 whole bottle, its own glasses to it and packages of 2 bottles Where can find champagne: + Order via delivery in the “Drinks” section, if you use the mod “Realistic cooking” One bottle – for all 3 types

Custom Content is CC that can be downloaded and added to your game

Credit : Somiktata