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Fringe 3 Requires Chromatic Collection by Anto

by Jessica P
Fringe 3 Requires Chromatic Collection by Anto

Fringe 3 (Requires The Chromatic Collection 1) Hello everyone! It’s been a century since I released a fringe, and I have a few in the queue to finish and upload, but I always end up prioritizing hairstyles 😂 Anyway, the wait is over hahaha. Here’s a curly fringe (or bangs for my friends across the pond hahaha) that I made for you all ❤️. It comes with 2 swatches. First one will grab the colour/texture from the hairstyle (Requires a Chromatic Collection 1 Hairstyle), so if you change the hair colour the fringe will match it as well. And there’s a second swatch that requires the Chromatic Collection 1 EXTRAS (like if it were a chunky/bicolour hairstyle), so you can either pick a different colour from the hairstyle or use it with another hair whether if it’s from The Chromatic Collection or not. Also, as requested by some people, now you can find it either in hats category or piercings, so you can use it with hats if you’d like to 😊. Hope you like it and wish you all a great weekend!

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