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Eyebags & Eyelids(Download)

by Jessica P
Eyebags & Eyelids(Download)

Eyebags & Eyelids(Download) Hello! This time I’m bringing you a set of different shape overlays for your sims eyes! I’ve often struggled to achieve a wide range of eye looks using only sliders, so here I’ve created 19 variations to bring more range. In the file, you’ll find pronounced eyebags, doey eyebags, subtle eyebags, heavy eyelids, tall eyelids, monolids, and much more! These are tested to work with any maxis match skin overlay as long as the skin doesn’t drastically alter the skin lightness. The style is mostly based on my recent Glass skin, so if you combine those you’ll even have a perfect match! Hope you enjoy 💛 3 categories, Cheek mole, lip mole, and freckles replacement 19 eye shape options BGC, All ages, All frames

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