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by Jessica P
destination simdonia learn explore stay

destination simdonia learn explore stay

Parkshore – Swim. History. Nature. Parkshore may be known as a military town, but there is so much more to explore. Head for a dip in the Evergreen Quarry where you’ll find locals and tourists taking in the scenery. Don’t think touring a cemetary would be fun? Think again. The Henford Historical Cemetary is one of the oldest and many Military heroes are laid to rest here. Hallow Slough – Industrial. Education. History. Home of The Margaret Royal History Museum which brings in millions of visitors per year, is lovely Hallow Slough. After your museum visit, hop on the Magnolia Ferry and tour the scenic SimDonia Canal or get a special tour of SimDonia’s most prestigious schools – SimDonia Prepatory. Umbrage – Cityscape. Gardens. Culture. The beautiful state of Umbrage gives you variety. Spend the morning admiring the beatiful gardens at Creeksbrey Palace then head to Downtown Umbrage for shopping. Be sure to check out the new Royal Jacoban Church of Umbrage where you might spot a member of SimDonia’s Royal Family! Ophelia – Arts. Culture. Travel. Coming in from the Duke Frederico Train Station? You’ve got options! Visit the Lima Beans Farmer’s Market during the day to do some shopping. After, you can’t miss a show at the popular Winston Theatre of the Arts. Either way, you’ll fall in love with Ophelia! Sage – Education. History. Beaches. In the Heart of Sage is SimDonia’s biggest attraction, Willington Palace where the monarch resides. But, head North or South and you’ll find nothing but beaches and pretty scenes. Don’t spend too much time at the beach because you can also visit the Winston Royal Jacoban Church or the Britechester University of SimDonia for history and culture. Cypress – Nature. Scenic. History. Touring the SimDonia Parliament Building is an incredibly unique Cypress experience, but in the rest of Cypress, you’ll find rural, scenic land. The Lima Beans Winery Barn is a fan favorite along with the breathetaking Cypress Falls. You’ll love it here! Destination SimDonia SimDonia is the perfect place to live, work, and visit. You can find activities for ever interest and every member of the family! From historical attractions like the Margaret Royal History Museum to fun experiences like the Magnolia Ferry, you’ll enjoy your time!

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