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Decat’s Witch Doll TS2 to TS4

by Jessica P
Decat’s Witch Doll TS2 to TS4

Someone wanted to know if I would share a liberated version of my version of Decat’s witch doll that I used in my edit of the TS4 school project This is a TS4 conversion of the TS2 witch doll by decat2, original from the Wicked Set for TS2 made from the EA rag doll. (Thank you, Decat for your lovely TOU!) Sims 4, base game compatible | 10 swatches | Found in clutter and kid’s decor | 5 simoleons Type “decat’s witch” into the search query in build mode to find quickly. You can always find items like this, just begin typing the title and it will appear.

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Credit : simdertalia