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Death Notifications (Beta)

by Jessica P
Death Notifications (Beta)

Death Notifications (Beta)

Death Notifications provide alerts when a Sim dies. Additionally, it will give the cause of death for human Sims (non-animals). Sims that will produce death notifications are human Sims and animals (cats, dogs, and foxes). Because the game handles notification of “object” animals (cows, llamas, and chickens) from Cottage Living, these are not supported.


  • This mod injects into DeathTracker‘s “set_death_type” function. As of my current knowledge, no other mods override or inject into this function.
  • This mod includes custom strings and does not replace or override any resources.
  • Old versions of Death Notifications caused conflicts with other script mods that have injector .py/.pyc/.pyo files. This is fixed in Beta 2.1 and above.

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Credit : simalary44