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beach waves ts4 male hair

by Jessica P
beach waves ts4 male hair

beach waves ts4 male hair

Back with another hairstyle for all your male Sims. It’s summer and that means time for ice cream, the beach and 80s movies. I’m planning to do a bunch of cool retro inspired hairstyles for males ( I currently don’t do requests for hairs but I’m always open for suggestions so feel free to drop them in my ask box ). I also finally got around to learning how to make hair strands from scratch in blender and I’m also practicing how to make my own hairs. Unfortunately, they always turn out way too high poly to be used in the game and decreasing the poly count messes up the quality, so I’m sticking to mesh edits for now. Anyways, I hope you guys have a lovely weekend! General Information: TM – AM base game compatible all 24 EA swatches hat compatible all LODs normal map with custom thumbnail Poly count: 8273

Custom Content is CC that can be downloaded and added to your game

Credit : achilles-sims