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Adults Get Crushes FIX

by Jessica P
Adults Get Crushes FIX

Adults Get Crushes FIX My first mod for The Sims 4! It allows sims older than teens to develop crushes. I call this a fix because there was existing code that seemed to be designed to allow older sims to get crushes, but there was some additional code that prevented crushes from ever triggering for non-Teens and it honestly didn’t look intentional. With this mod installed, young adults, adults, and elders will also be able to experience crushes. The odds that a sim YA or older will get a crush is 50% that of the odds for a Teen due to some EA code which I did not modify. I’m pretty sure this is the first mod that enables High School Years crushes for older sims. If one exists already, I couldn’t find it. Like I said, the code seems to be designed to allow for it already so it took some fiddling to figure out why it wasn’t working. More technical information under the cut if you’re interested:

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Credit : batsandbabydolls